Chemin Woodland


First stop


Basque of Charlevoix


Local product tasting, visit of the farm, on-site boutique, Terroir Charlevoix-certified farm products.

A traditional duck farm focused on the production of foie gras and other by-products. We use a traditional whole grain corn fattening method on our state-of-the-art site which ensures animal welfare standards are met. Self-guided tours of the outdoor livestock facilities available.

2nd stop


Emu Center


Visit of the farm and sample tastings on our patio with an impressive panoramic view. Renowned emu oil products available in the boutique. Visits of the economuseum starting in July.


Discover this fascinating animal, its habitat, high quality by-products and the passionate individuals who run the farm. Test our highly sought-after pure emu oil and body care products. Whether you’re in the mood for a savoury snack or a full lunch, choose from a variety of our delicious gourmet products.

4th stop

The refining house

Maurice Dufour


Come taste the popular cheeses of La Maison d’affinage Maurice Dufour in an enchanting location in the Baie-Saint-Paul valley. Discover delectable fine cheeses such as Le Migneron and irresistible wine products made on site. Sheep’s milk-based spirits available soon. Visit of the site, boutique on site.

3rd stop

Lunch at

False Shepherds


Lunch at Faux Bergers, on the Migneron estate.


Meet with talented chefs who create works of art from unique local products. Discover exceptional regional products including organic meats, garden products, Arctic char and much more.

5th stop




Laiterie Charlevoix, founded in 1948 by Elmina Fortin and Stanislas Labbé, is still owned by the Labbé family. Tours of the economuseum, milk museum and interpretation centre are available. Cheese tastings. Boutique with various local and imported products.