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Discover the delicacies of Charlevoix with our Bite-Sized Tasting Tours in the morning or afternoon. A three-hour circuit with a total of two stops: the perfect tour for discovering delicious local delicacies. Discover both tours and savour the local flavours of Charlevoix! For all inquiries, please contact us at:

Duration : 3:00 
Price : 115 $ tax included

For more informations : or 581-998-0923

Mountains Country


1st stop



Short tour of the facilities, stories and anecdotes of the dairy and shopping at the boutique, which is overflowing with local Charlevoix products.

Clients en visite extérieur chez un producteur de formages fins
Plateau de charcuteries fines du terroir Charlevoisien

2nd stop

Viandes Biologiques de Charlevoix


Visit the unparalleled facilities of this family business where animal welfare is at the heart of concerns and where a sustainable future is built.


Product tastings and visit to the shop.

3rd stop

Migneron Family


On an enchanting site, the popular cheeses of the Maison d’affinage are waiting to be discovered. Discovery and tasting of fine cheeses, wine products and spirits made on site.

Plateau de produits fins du terroir incluant fromages, rilettes, pâtés, canneberges, coulis, etc.
Duration : 3:00
Price : 115 $ tax included

For more informations : or 581-998-0923

Après-midi Découverte

Land of the Sea

Myrtilles fraîches

1st stop

Lupin Fruits

Les Éboulements

​Located in the heart of the Charlevoix astrobleme, in an authentic and bucolic setting, they grow a variety of fruits and flowers adapted to the northern climate.

In a spirit of symbiosis, they work with the region's biodiversity and producers to offer products that respect nature and ensure the authenticity of the region's flavors.

2nd stop

Hydromel Charlevoix


Unique activity in the heart of Baie-Saint-Paul, we will be welcomed with tastings of wines and spirits of honey and we will take a guided tour to learn more about the secrets of bees and winemaking and distillation processes.

Invités célébrant autour d'une consommation alcoolisé d'ici
Chocolats fins belges produit dans la région

3rd stop

The Village Chocolate Factory


The Chocolaterie du Village welcomes us with its most refined aromas.


A last stop to ''sweeten the beak'' with a variety of Belgian chocolates, a choice of fudge and a full service of ice cream.

For additional information about our tours, we invite you to write to us :


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